Excavation/Martha Graham Company USA
New Museum / Martha Graham Company
Michael Kline, Travis Chamberlain
   The Great God Brown
Columbia Stages
Michael Rau
 Old Kid Cod
Peter Kay - ATA Beckman Theater
Adam Knight
Dad in a Box
HERE Arts Center
Raquel Cion/Kim Katzberg
The Frankenstein Project
Columbia Stages - Shapiro Theatre
Matt Torney
Slant Theatre Project
Wes Grantom
Latter Days
Dutch Kills / Ars Nova
Jess Chayes
A Flea in Her Ear
Columbia Stages
Nadia Foskolou
That Poor Dream
The Assembly - HERE Arts Center
Jess Chayes
Spirited Astray
Ken Dance Company
Kenji Yamaguchi
Emperor of the Moon
Univ. Rochester International Theatre Program
Matthew Earnest
Juice CrosxxxSing
The New Museum Peter J. Sharp Theater
Geo Wyeth
Baby Screams Miracle
Clubbed Thumb - The Wild Project
Portia Krieger
Way to Heaven
Repertorio Espanol - Teatro Circulo
Matthew Earnest
Green Eyes
The Kindness
Travis Chamberlain
¡Ay Carmela!
Repertorio Español
Francisco Reyes;
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